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Shop Menu : List of Grooming Services
* Walk-ins welcome, However appointments are preferred. 
Thank You & Enjoy your visit to Churchill's Barber Shop
Churchill's Haircut  $25
- a Traditional Men's Haircut, plus a Straight Razor Shave on sideburns & neck.  Folks, this is not a curbside fade, faid, phade or however it's is spelled these days.
Churchill's Deluxe Haircut  $28
- a Traditional Men's Haircut, a Straight Razor Shave on sideburns & neck.  Then we will clean you up of any stray hairs with a Shampoo, Rinse, Blow-dry & Style.
Churchill's Deluxe Shave  $30
- Just Relax and Enjoy!
Applying Pre-Shave Oil and Steaming Hot Towels will soften any tough beard.  Hot Shaving Lather follows from our classic Campbells LatherKing.  Our Master Barbers' talented hands will "carefully" guide a Straight Razor Blade across your whiskers.  Ahhh!  To keep your skin nice and soft, moisturizers and Cold Towels will be applied.  Just like the good'ol days...
Moustache Trim  $5
- We'll trim up any long whiskers that may have strayed away.
Beard & Moustache Trim $12
- No ZZ Top or Grizzly Adams! 
Churchill's "Cut & Shave" Combo $49
- Shampoo & Cut, Plus hot shave lather with a straight lazor shave
Churchill's "Cut, Shave & Mani" Combo $60
- Shampoo & Cut, Hot Shave lather with a straight lazor shave. + a manicure
Manicure  $15
- Nail shaping, Cuticles & Nail Buffing (none of that shiny gloss stuff!)
Churchill's Deluxe Pedicure  $30
- Pamper your feet from the walks through downtown Miami's "rough & tumble" sidewalks in our European Deluxe Pedicure Spa.  Just pick up a magazine (playboy, gq, esquire or penthouse) sit back and indulge yourself.  The professional hands of our cosmetologist will be sure to caress your soles.
Shoe Shine  $5
- A Pedicure for your Shoes.  Surely there is dust on your shoes from all of the construction going on in downtown Miami, and don't call me Shirley.
Facial  $50 & Up
- Facial cleaning done the right way.  We will start you off with a Deep Pore Cleanse and Scrub, followed by Cucumber patches for the Eyes.  Hot Steam will open the facial pores and allow for the removal of unwanted grease, dirt & grime. After which, a Facial Masque will be applied followed by a Massage and Cold Towels.  Takes about 1 hour, so relax and enjoy the experience.
(For those that are a bit on the daring side. Yes, some women like their men hairless and our girl Carmen will be nice and gentle.  We Promise!)
- Upper Back  $30 and up
- Legs  $55 and up
- Eye Brows  $10
- Neck  $15
- Ears $10
$5  PARKING RIGHT NEXT DOOR @ the Parking Garage
located @ 26 SE 1 Street 
BE SURE Validate your ticket @ Churchills

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