Beardition Legitimately Cool After Shave


100% all natural Legitimately Cool After Shave is the perfect pair to our all natural Styling + Profiling Shave Cream. Who doesn't like a bit of cool relief after a good, clean shave, right? This highly concentrated formula, with an aloe vera base (to add extra hydrating powers into your skin), will help reduce the dreaded post shave bumps. Yes, we are known as a beard company, but we don't like to discriminate. If you so choose the path of clean cut, then we're here to help you enhance your beardlessness.
• 4oz liquid, highly concentrated
• Recommended use post shave
• Apply a few drops into palms, rub together and splash on freshly shaven face
• All natural ingredients, including Organic Aloe Leaf Extract, Vitamin E and Organic Tea Tree Essential Oils
• Essence of Bamboo fragrance
• Aloe vera base + liquid concentrate allows formula to really sink into the skin and nourish the fresh shaven hair follicles, preventing ingrown hairs and post shave bumps
• American Made
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