Mason's Pomade is inspired by our namesake, John Landis Mason. Masons was an American tinsmith and the patentee of the metal screw-on lid for fruit jars that have come to be known as Mason jars. Today, we have modernized this venerable jar by using a more updated and efficient metal lid with standard plastisol liner to store goods. During the late 1800s. Mason jars were primarily used for home canning to preserve food. They were also used to store liquor, such as moonshine and other spirits during Prohibition.

Our brand is built around this concept by providing preserved quality goods while basing our theme on the Prohibition era. From the timeless styles of the 1920s to the mainstream styles of today, our goal at Mason's Pomade is to craft sustainable quality products such as water-based pomade and matte clays for a diverse range of men's hairstyles. 

 Preserved Quality | Rooted in Quality