Beardition Styling + Profiling Shave Cream


100% all natural Styling + Profiling Shave Cream is here to help the clean shaven gents enhance their beardlessness. Yes, we are known as a beard company, but we don't like to discriminate. This highly concentrated formula, with an aloe vera base to add extra hydrating powers into your skin, will help reduce the risk of painful razor burn. Canned foams or gels contain more air (as opposed to a cream), which affect their ability to adequately suspend your facial hairs upright during your shave. This decreases the softness, or thoroughness of your shave and also increases the likelihood that your razor will drag across your skin and "burn" it. Ouch. So for a clean, close, styling shave...well, you know what we recommend.
• 4oz jar with lid
• smooth, thin application. Can be applied like a thin lotion or mixed in a bowl and applied with shaving brush.
• highly concentrated (a little goes a long way)
• all natural ingredients, including Organic Aloe Leaf Extract, Vitamin E and Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil
• Essence of Bamboo fragrance
• Locks moisture into skin
• No alcohol, great for sensitive skin
• Aloe vera base + cream consistency reduces razor burn
• Women also find this product very much appealing
• American Made
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