Shaving Tips

This day in age it seems like everyone is in a bustle.  But a good clean shave is not something you want to rush into or out of.  So treat yourself at home with a shaving ritual that will have your skin & face thanking you afterwards.  Having tried every shaving technique known to man, we came to a simple conclusion that everyone's facial skin, 5 o' clock shadow, stubble or facial hair are vastly different.   Therefore, we have simplified these shaving tips so you can get the most out of the products & tools you are using at home.

Ok, lets get started.  Sink Shave or Shower Shave?  Once you get used to shaving in the shower you'll love it.  The steam also helps to soften your whiskers!

(1) Wash your face with warm water.  Use a quality facial cleanser for this process. This will help softer the whiskers and open the hair follicle as well.  For me, because I can grow a thick beard quickly, the hotter the water the better, this doesn't work for everyone or everyone's skin.  Heck, I'll even sit under the shower letting the warm water do its work. 

(2) Rub a small amount of Pre Shave Oil.  This definately helps because it provides a good base for your shaving cream, soap or gel. We have a nice selection of Pre Shave Oils to choose from. Just be careful with any oil residue on the shower floor, that will be a sure recipe for a slippery fall!  Plus whomever cleans the shower will thank you for it. So don't over do it with the oil.

(3)  With a shave brush apply your desired brand of Shave Cream, Soap or Gel.  The brush will help you spread the shave cream and create a nice thick lather without foaming up too much. If you dont already have one, get yourself a nice Badger Shave Brush without breaking the bank.  

(4) Now get out the good quality razor that we are certain you have and put it to work. Remember that if you are using an old or dull blade you will surely see yourself with razor burn, nicks or bumps which is "no bueno" aka not good. There are many good razors out there and we also stock some too, so take your pick.

(5) Start by shaving in the direction of your beard growth. First with the sides below your sideburns, then your moustache area and finally your chin & neck.  In some areas you may try to get a closer shave by shaving against the growth.  Like I said before, everyone's face is different so this may not work for you.  If you have sensitive skin it will undoubtedly give you razor burn or even razor bumps.  Rinse your razor blade after every several  strokes. You want to eliminate buildup so the blade can do its work.

(6) After you have rinsed any excess shave cream residue with warm water you are going to want to use some cold water on your face.  I usually step out of the shower for this portion of the movie.  Just walk over to the sink and splash the cool water on your face. This will help close the pores and help stop any bleeding from nicks you may have sustained. But If you followed these steps that shouldn't have happened.  Now dab or pat your face dry with a clean towel.  Don't be rough drying your face with the towel, it does no one any favors.

(7)  Get a nice After Shave lotion or Balm.  I prefer balms because they are thicker and soothe the skin without the flash freeze feeling that you get from some after shaves.  Don't be stingy with the product because this will be that last step and a very important one at that.

Like I said before, because everyone is different you need not shave every day.  It will give your skin a break and allow for a better shave the next time you do it.  For me, I have thick growth and enjoy shaving 3 times per week. Because I allow for that extra day in between shaves, the ritual tends to go much smoother.   

Tip on saving blades & $$$:  Don't leave them in the shower or sink after you use them.  They will deteriorate rapidly from being exposed to the constant humidity.  Rinse them and dry off the blade by dabbing it on a clean dry towel.  If you have a hair dryer sitting around, that works too.  This will double the life of your blade.  But the blade gods don't want you to know that.    

Also, If you happen to shave in the shower, things will go alot easier with a Shower Mirror

Take it slow and remember that it's your face you're working on.

Thanks and enjoy the shave!